Lu An Gua Pian, means Lu An Melon Slice in English. One of the Top 10 China Teas.

It is a most complicatedly processed green tea.

It is an unique green tea which is processd with tea leaf part only, abandoning the bud, leaf tip and stalk!

Our Lu An Gua Pian bases are located at Xian Hua Ling / Fresh Flower Ridge and Bian Fu Dong / Bat Cave of Jin Zhai County, neighbour of we Huoshan County. We Huoshan and Jin Zhai County both belong to Lu An City.

Xian Hua Ling and Bian Fu Dong are the core production areas of Lu An Gua Pian tea, surrounded by the grand Xiang Hong Dian Reservoir, and forest coverage rate is very high, great entironment!

Our tea gardens are of 900m elevation, and we plant traditional local cultivar Lao Lu An. We also produce the charcoal used to roast tea by ourselves!

Its infusion is bright yellowish-green. It tastes intense and mellow with bean pod & orchid aroma, has long-lasting after taste. The machine-made straight appearance Lu An Gua Pian tastes lighter and sweeter.

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