About Us

Established by Ms. Wei, a Huoshan peasant, who is so familiar with and loves so much Huoshan Huangya/Yellow Bud Tea of her hometown.

She often cherishes the beautiful memory of childhood when cultivated the soil with her mom, then planted tea seed, and she enjoyed plucking fresh tea leaves most! The white clouds in various shapes floated lightsomely in the purely blue sky overhead; the mild spring breeze touched people fondly; all kinds of birds sang silvery songs; optimistic peasants spread all over the mountains competing to pluck, singing folk songs altogether or talking even with people on opposite mountain or down the valley; the intoxicating mixed smell of spring flowers, leaves and soil etc made people totally merged into the green and luxuriant nature!

After plucked, fresh tea leaves had to be processed on the same day, generally at nights. Children always nodded off and inundated by one day`s tiredness, with dark green tea leaf juice left on fingers, beside the warm charcoal fire for roasting teas, sweetly and peacefully.

Sincerely wishing to enrich worldwide tea lovers` favorites, share with you our thousands of years` tea culture and appreciate the wisdom and diligence of our hometown people, we would love to dedicate to tea career a lifetime. Preparing tea with different teawares is also such a happy thing, isnt it?

Our tea garden is located in Anhui, and our office is located in Wuhan, Hubei. We have also developed all types of fine Chinese teas and accessories through many years. We have got many EU Standard and Organic clean teas. Welcome to visit! Welcome to visit our scenic and ancient hometown!

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